My name is Jörgen Gaberscek, but used to be called "Gabbe",
and I've been playing around with 3D-programs since 1994.
Most of the times in Imagine because that's my first experience
with 3D-world, and like the feeling with it.


1. Amiga 4000/060 50MHz (CS) - 24MB RAM - 4MB Cybervision64
2. PentiumPro 200MHz - 64MB RAM - 4MB Matrox Millennium
3. P3 / 955MHz - 512MB RAM - Geforce2 ultra


But since I bought the PC, the only use of my Amiga have
been limited to Image-editing (ADPro) and a few other applications.
(Think it's outstanding on that platform.)

I live in Malmoe/Sweden and works at Mercedes-Benz Malmö.

The gallery is'nt very big yet because I'm lazy and never really satisfied.

E-mail me if you feel like asking or criticize
about anything.